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$300 Million or more in potential profits!

There is over $300 Million dollars in potential profits buying discounted foreclosure auction properties.

Becoming a 6, 7 or 8 figure real estate investor might be impossible if you didn’t have the right team behind you and that’s where we come in.

You can add to your wealth building by funding and fixing profitable properties with instant equity to sell or cash flow from the rents.

Who can show me how to buy profitable auction deals that will make me money and save me time building wealth?

We helped investors who built a 337 property portfolio that retired and we want to duplicate what they did.

Q: What’s needed to bid at South Florida Auctions?

A: 4 Things are needed

    1. A County Auction Bidder Account
    2. Add Funds To The Account
    3. Proper Due Diligence Finding Deals
    4. 11 Step Courthouse Profit Checklist

The worst thing to do is to pay too much for a property because you didn’t know what to do and the next bad idea is to do nothing because other investors are buying.

Foreclosure auction properties profits are generated from the instant equity buying properties at major discounts to flip them or collect cash flow from the rents.  

$300 Million in Potential Profits is Why I wrote this and I am Reaching Out To You. Imagine if we buy auctions in all of Florida, there would be more profit.

While there is great money in having a job and making other people wealthy, a wise business decision you should come to is buying real estate and fixing it yourself.

Why watch others do what you can now do for yourself and create massive profits to start building your empire of wealth.

Hey, You Should Just Buy  Properties, Fix Them and Sell Them Yourself For Profit!

If you’re reading this I’m sure you’re doing it already or are seriously thinking about it.

While there are always deals on the market, consistently finding the profitable deals is the hardest part that takes the longest time.

Research is the key to success in buying profitable foreclosure auction properties.  We know what, how and when to look for deals and why you can make the most sensible return on your money.

If you have never purchased at auction then you need to work with someone that knows the ins and outs of the auction process so you don’t lose money.

Our consulting company can guide you through the process and you now have the keys to passive wealth.

Let’s Joint Venture where we will find the deals and we want you to fund and fix the properties so we can flip them for sale so we can split the proceeds.

Q: What are the Joint Venture Agreement Roles?

A: 8 Things are needed

    1. We Research Thousands of Properties
    2. We Find Deals To Put On Deal Sheet
    3. We Agree on Your Max Bid Up To 65%
    4. We Bid and Win Deal
    5. You Fund Up To 65% Market Value
    6. You Renovate At Insider Pricing
    7. We Sell or Rent For Profit
    8. We Split Proceeds 50/50 and Repeat

We have developed “11 Step Courthouse Profit Auction Checklist”  to evaluate every deal going through the auction to find the profitable deals based on the 337 properties which we sorted into cash flows and flips.

A healthy housing market means  around 1% of the market is going through some stage of foreclosure. In 2010 the number climbed to 10%. There will be another wave of massive foreclosures in the future just like the past.

Will You Be Ready To Profit In The Next Wave of Foreclosure Auction Properties?

The best place to start is to know what deals are going through the foreclosure auction then Joint Venturing with us.   

Our researchers go through an exhaustive lien search, court cases, city liens and minimum resale value of the property then we calculate the maximum bid and leave it up to our Joint Venture partners to choose to bid up 65% of Market Value.

10 Steps To Joint Venture Success

  1. Locate Investors Ready To Flip Auction Deals
  2. Join DIY Course Membership @ $2,500 Per County
  3. Find, Bid, Win Purchase  Auction Deal With GC Funds
  4. Acquire Certificate of Title
  5. Get Possession To Occupy Property For Renovation
  6. Get a Weekly List of Upcoming Deals & Sold Properties
  7. (DIY) Wholesale Properties To GC at 25% Bid Price
  8. (DWY) 50/50 Joint Venture Partnership Fee:$1,500
  9. (DFY) Earn High Rates of Return Private Lending
  10. Repeat

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