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How We Evaluate Profit In 30-50 Foreclosure Auction Deals Every Single Month Using The
11 Step Courthouse Auction Checklist

11 Step Foreclosure Auction Checklist

The Auction Courthouse Checklist Reveals:

  1. How To Save Hours Analyzing Auctions Using This Secret Weapon
  2. How To Quickly Eliminate Deals With Other Pending Auctions
  3. How To Quickly Analyze The Active Auction Case
  4. Why This Hidden In Plain Sight Clue Can Serve As A Beacon To The Status Of A Deal
  5. The Best Way To Secure Against Unexpected Recorded Title Defects
  6. How To Sift Through Public Records To Build Debt History Of Deal
  7. How To Read Other Foreclosure Cases To Decipher Status of Deal
  8. How To Accurately Calculate How Much You're In On A Deal
  9. A Great Way To Realistically Value A Property
  10. How To Guard Yourself Against Involuntary Costs
  11. Calculating A Maximum Bid Where You Wont Lose Your Shirt And Sticking With It
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