Get Access To All Upcoming Deals At The Palm Beach Foreclosure Auction And Learn How To Evaluate Deals Yourself

In This One Of A Kind Training Program You Will Be Able To Work On Live Deals Going Through The Auction Which You WIll Have An Opportunity To Purchase. The Course Not Only Uncovers The Gems But Reveals The Flaws Of What People Have Purchased And To Learn From Them.

Two Kinds Of Training!

Deal Review

An analytical review of properties purchased and missed by 3rd party bidder over a weeks time. Learn if purchases were deals based on the outstanding mortgages and liens and for more historical Deal Reviews if the property was resold for a profit.

Talking Deals

Where the rubber hits the road in our training course. We go over live deals which are upcoming in the foreclosure auction and calculate the outstanding mortgage, the time we think we can hold the property, what it can resell for and finally the maximum bid we will not exceed in the heat of excitement at the auction. No magic, no tricks just the hard due diligence required for doing deals.

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